The ladies parlor.
The ladies parlor.
The main hall.
The staircase in the main hall.
The study.
The study.
The study.
The mantle piece in the study.
The study ceiling.
The original dining room where we serve our buffet meals.
The original dining room
The "wooden carpet" in the original dining room.
The three stained glass windows in the original dining room.
Seating on the veranda.
Wine and cheese on the veranda.
The veranda.

The Harry Packer Mansion
19 Packer Ave.
Jim Thorpe, Pa 18229
(570) 325-8566
Carriage House 1 Loft Suite (Fireplace)
Carriage House 3 Deluxe Room (Fireplace)
Carriage House 4 Deluxe Room (Fireplace)
The Carriage House
The Carriage House is just steps away from the mansion and has 5 of our guest rooms.
The Mansion
The second floor hallway.
Annie's Suite bedroom.
Annie's Suite sitting room.
Annie's Suite sitting room.
Annie's Suite sitting room.
Harry's Suite bedroom.
Harry's Suite sitting room.
The view from Harry's Suite bedroom.
Gussie's Room
Harry's Suite
Annie's Suite
Second Floor Hall
The Second Floor
Third floor hall.
Third floor hall.
Wilbur's room.
Wilbur's room.
Linderman's room.
Linderman's room.
Emily's room.
Emily's room.
Third Floor Hall
Wilbur's Room
Emily's Room
Linderman's Room
The Third Floor
First Floor Common Rooms
Event Photos
We do Birthday Parties!
We do Bridal Showers!
We do corporate parties!
We do family reunions!
Murder Mystery Weekend Photos
Wine Tasting Photos
Grounds Photos
The Asa Packer Mansion Next Door.
The tennis court across the street in Kemmerer Park.
Town Photos
Carriage House 2 Loft Suite
Carriage House 5 Deluxe Room (Fireplace)
Carriage House 6 Deluxe Room (Fireplace)